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VIGNA ROSSA® - 75 cl

VIGNA ROSSA® - 75 cl

Cabernet Sauvignon I.G.T.

Intense warm ruby red which softens with time. Delicate aroma, faintly herbaceous with clear hints of soft fruit and earthy flavours. Ages well, taking on tarry tones, slightly spicy. Full harmonious flavour, perfectly tannic, smooth, long and fascinating. A wine to serve with red meat dishes, venison, mature cheeses.

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Harvest end of September, beginning of October
VarietyCabernet Sauvignon
Production area San Polo di Piave (TV)
Type of terrain Flat terrain created over millennia by glaciations and alluvial deposits carried by the water from ancient glaciers as they melted and withdrew, leaving behind minute particles of limestone clay. In addition, several layers of carbonate aggregates are found at a shallow depth, hence the local saying “caranto-rich soil”.
Production method Red vinification for 10/11 days with maceration of ripe, hand-picked grapes.
Bottling end of April, May
color warm intesne ruby red that softens over time
fragrances delicate, broad, faintly herbacious and with clear earthy flavours
flavour full, well-balanced, perfectly tannin, velvety, long and fascinating
Proof 12,5%
Preservation and aging matures in oak casks and barriques for 12/15 months and undergoes ageing in bottle
Total acidity 5,0 per mil.
Total solids 33 g/l
Serving temperature 18-20 °C.