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Responsible Ethical Cuisine

This project is collateral to the traditional cuisine proposed by Parco Gambrinus: a new, conscientious approach to food and work, a response to the culinary needs of our times; a vision of master cuisine based on what is tangible rather than what is just appearance. 

We look ahead, reflecting on a society immersed in confusion and narrowness which changes all aspects of our existence, human and personal, animal and vegetable.

We propose Respectful Cuisine: respect for farmers, their produce, Nature, ethical and moral convictions, cuisine, flavours and all differences.

This takes place through more informal, less hierarchical organisation, where professionality underlines the “ethical” aspect of the product we offer at all times, including the supply chain, and confirms a search for harmony in tastes that change as our society changes.

CON+TESTA is not just a project implemented every day on our restaurant’s tables with the Con+Testa menuCourses for Sustainable Cuisine and Con+Testa Events (weddings, corporate dinners and parties in the park), but also a broader philosophy aimed at making the future Gambrinus “greener”, involving cooperation and new thoughts on our carbon footprint, waste disposal, the flora in our park and wellbeing.

Our partners in this project:
    • EcorNaturasì, a leading Italian brand of organic and biodynamic products
    • Altromercato store, the biggest fair trade shop in Italy, selling quality sustainable products.  
    • Ecozema, one of the few Italian companies that has met our needs to reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging and packing material.
    • Energoclub NPO engaged in the battle for good practices in energy saving and sustainable use of renewable sources, aiming at a carbon-free economy by 2040.
    • We also support the www.cucinareconilsole.it association by using solar ovens to awe our guests.
    • We prefer micro trade economies and when possible buy "Embio" vegetables and cereals grown by the Bilotta Farm just 5 km from our restaurant.

    Write to info@gambrinus.it to get our Charter of Values in pdf format.