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Our cusine

A passion for food

We have always specialised in the Veneto culinary traditions: our close ties with the River Lia flowing through our park, rich in shellfish and freshwater fish, and our surrounding territory make Parco Gambrinus the ideal place for delicious fish and crayfish dishes. 

In studying the contents of an improved diet we experiment and connect exercises in style and creativeness with authenticity and respect for people and the environment.  But that’s not all.  We carry out research into ethical, sustainable cuisine that responds to modern tastes and needs, the result of which is our Con+Testa (Use your Head More) project and certain propositions that have been awarded prizes and acknowledgements in the field of organic cuisine. 

Culinary skills, observance of traditions and the lessons passed down in our family have made it possible for us to cater for people suffering from allergies or intolerance or those who prefer vegan and vegetarian diets and this led us to organise the first entirely vegan wedding banquet.

We choose to work with vital, natural food and use top quality seasonal raw materials grown naturally, cooking them rapidly so as not to lose their nutrients and offering unusual, safe delicacies.

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