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The park

Natural wellbeing

The Parco Gambrinus Restaurant is surrounded by 30,000 m2 of park land hosting imposing oak trees, centuries-old plants, and flowers, and is also home to cranes, white peacocks, swans, woodpeckers and herons; a source of wellbeing and harmony for over five hundred years.  If the Venetian nobility once interrupted their horse-drawn carriage trips to enjoy the peace and refreshment of the River Lia springs and the dishes prepared by our forebears, now the gaze of modern travellers can perceive the almost philosophical link between mind and nature, healthy, territorial cuisine, seasons and emotions.
Colours and scents, the slow passing of time and the pleasure of food prepared with dedication and conscience, are all elements of the same highly ethical picture.

As we offer fresh, locally grown produce from organic and biodynamic farming, we also prefer cooking in a way that leaves a small carbon footprint, preferring water from our artesian well, which we microfilter and purify, carrying out separate waste collection and using vegetable waste, ash and used coffee grounds to make compost for our kitchen gardens and park flower beds, as well as proposing natural, sustainable table decorations.

Visit the park

A short distance from the River Piave, the Park, where the waters of the River Lia re-emerge after their subterranean journey from the Prealps, is an example of a garden where 19th century Venetians and travellers on the Aquileia-Opitergium (now Oderzo) road found refreshment. The centuries-old trees which host sarus cranes, crowned cranes, white peacocks, the fountains and streams home to carp, sturgeon, eels and prawns and the greenery which provides shelter for doves, royal and black swans, woodpeckers and herons, are the setting for a full immersion in nature and history.

The park is the ideal location for organising parties, cocktail parties, buffets, receptions and meetings, but also for visits, which can be arranged subject to booking.

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