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Parco Gambrinus

Ancient roots and new expressions of our times

In 1847, in the welcome shade of giant oak trees we were already catering for the Venetian nobility and travellers on the road connecting the ancient feud of Aquileia to the Roman Opitergium, now Oderzo, intrigued by the delicious scent of our “black bread”. Since then food has been the protagonist of our daily lives and it has enabled us to express the richness of Nature. Our ancestors knew the value of lovingly cooking local ingredients, observing the seasons and using what the spring waters of the River Lia and the surrounding countryside offered. Even today our ethical and spiritual approach continues in the same way, considering the territory an incomparable resource for a conscientiously created modern, dynamic diet. Opening up to cultural and creative contamination, well aware that the choice of good food is at the root of a full, well-balanced life and that people are at the same time body, mind and spirit, we have converted sixty per cent of our historic recipes and have set the goal of providing a better and above all authentic diet.

We believe that food must be a wonderful sight for the eyes and a great pleasure for the palate, suggesting sounds and aromas that can also delight anyone suffering from allergies or intolerance, and those who prefer vegan and vegetarian dishes, even on those special occasions reserved for big events.

From Tuesday to Sunday you will find the restaurant open, so you can reserve your table for a Gambrinus taste experience in our cozy rooms or in the Ponticello on the Lia river, for a small number of people or for a company dinner simply by calling the Gambrinus Park.