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Our dining rooms

Hospitality and beauty

We believe there is an almost symbiotic relationship between the structure of Ristorante Parco Gambrinus, one of the “Locale Storico d’Italia” and member of “Chateaux et Gourmet Restaurant”, its bountiful garden and our cuisine.  Freshwater prawns fished from the spring water in the park were served by our forebears in the restaurant dining rooms, which preserve the typical architecture of Venetian country houses. Today, we still walk on the same terrazzo tiled floors and feel the thrill of myths, traditions and a new approach to food as we serve lunch or dinner and create impeccable settings for receptions, ceremonies, corporate meetings, parties, cocktail parties or buffets.

Our restaurant service suggests:

  • Sala del Cenacolo, a dining room enhanced by frescoes and mosaics dating back to the 13th and 16th centuries and heated by a beautiful, old-style fireplace: accommodates up to 55 diners;
  • Il Ponticello, a wooden bridge spanning the spring waters of the River Lia: from June to September accommodates up to 19 guests.
  • Our indoor banqueting service: 
  • la Veranda, circular wood and glass pagodas set on the lawns and among the trees of the park: a romantic location that can accommodate up to 200 people;
  • la Sala del Parco, an ancient hayloft with wooden beamed ceiling and a stupendous view of the park: accommodates up to 120 guests;
  • la Bottega Gambrinus, the Gambrinus shop featuring modern fittings and a Venetian floor: can accommodate up to 60 diners.

In the different dining rooms we provide services for conferences and meetings, whereas we can provide an exclusive outdoor banqueting service on demand. 

The beautiful park setting is ideal for official presentations and cultural or sales events with a special charm