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Dolce stil novo

Parco Gambrinus has such vast experience in wedding banquets that today’s couples come to us for their special day, just as their grandparents and parents did.

We strive to transform a banquet into a unique, original experience, through a responsible, ethical approach, customised menus, attractive colour schemes and impeccable service.

Creating a poetical aura made up of details and nuances, on your wedding day we place our thorough knowledge of gastronomy at your disposal to offer a holistic experience of sustainable, genuine and seasonal cuisine.  Removing colours or adding them to our palette stimulates our creativity to explore new ingredients so that the same pleasure is enjoyed by all palates, including vegan and vegetarian.

Besides the Sala del Cenacolo, Ponticello, Veranda, and ancient hayloft, which maintain the Venetian architectural taste intact, there is the enchanting Park with its centuries-old trees inhabited by exotic birds and all kinds of animals, and the springs of the River Lia, all available for receptions and providing fantastic backgrounds for the photos of your special day. 
Our vocation for sustainability and creativeness, together with our cultural observance of the traditions of the Veneto and Treviso are always there in our attention to every detail, our careful selection of raw materials and table settings, and musical backing to meet all your wishes.

Ristorante Parco Gambrinus is also authorised as a venue for the celebration of civic marriages. 

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