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Elisir Gambrinus®

Art Edition - 70 cl

Art Edition - 70 cl

A historic liqueur made to the original family manuscript of the original recipe using natural ingredients such as Raboso wine, “buongusto”, alcohol, cane sugar, Veneto grappa and natural aromas, all of which undergo a particularly long ageing period.
Time selects what is worthwhile and what is not, what merits a place in our memories and what will fade into oblivion. Elisir Gambrinus is a natural artisan product that evolves over time, changing its fragrance and sensations which diversify unexpectedly at times because the twenty two ingredients interact differently according to how long they mix.
The main ingredient of this liqueur is Raboso wine made from the ancient indigenous vine of the same name grown on land made fertile by the River Piave. The passing seasons exalt its flavours and fragrance and its vivacious colour deepens with ageing. It is a genuine natural evolution of this typical artisan speciality which represents the spirit of Raboso wine. Vintage 2001

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