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ROSA   Pinot Rosé Cuvée Brut  V.S.Q.

ROSA Pinot Rosé Cuvée Brut V.S.Q.


harvest 2021 - 11%

VSQ quality Brut spumante, long Charmat method, 11° alcohol, produced by soft pressing of Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir grapes from Treviso hills. Aged for 6 months in tanks and 6 months in bottle. It has a dry fresh flavour with a characteristic intense floral aroma and a delicate bouquet with a hint of cherry. Its pastel pink colour with bright flashes recalls the tints of Spring. Suitable for vegetable starters and white meat.

11,90 euro

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VarietyPinot Bianco, Pinot Nero e Pinot Grigio.
Production area Province of Treviso in the Hills area.
Harvest First half of September.
Production method White vinification, that is to say without the skins, except for partial contact with the skins for the Pinot Noir, at a controlled temperature of 18°C (68°F).
Prise de mousse Through slow refermentation in large sealed tanks at 12-14°C (approx. 54-57°F), remaining on the yeasts for approximately 3 months. Pressure behind the cork: 5 atm
Serving temperature 8°C (approx. 41-45°F); uncork the bottle just before serving. °C.
Residual sugar 11 g/l
Codici smaltimento bottiglia vetro GL70 vetro bianco
capsula alluminio C/ALU 90
gabbietta ferro FE40
tappo di sughero FOR51

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