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Chardonnay Bubbly

Chardonnay Bubbly


Vintage 2022 - 11,5%

Excellent fresh semi-sparkling wine. Made by the white vinification method and fermented in steel tanks, it is a full-bodied wine, savoury and agreeable with a dry end taste. It is fruity and floral with a hint of spicy thyme and the scent of tobacco and straw. Excellent throughout a meal, with first courses in general, or with meat or fish dishes.

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Variety100% Chardonnay
Production area River Piave in the province of Treviso, Eastern Veneto
Type of terrain tipical of the Piave plains, alluvial, only slightly chalky and containing gravel
Vineyards multi-clone vineyards for the production of grapes with different characteristics
Training system counter-espalier with Gujot and Sylvoz pruning
Harvest Manual selection in spring, picking at the beginning/mid September.
Production method soft pressing, low temperature fermentation. Stands in steel in winter for natural sedimentation before bottling.
Proof approx. 11.5%
Total acidity approx. 6.00 per mil.
color straw
fragrances typical sensations of bread crust with fruity hints reminiscent of apples, and light floral hints
flavour well-balanced with just the right sapidity, full-bodied but not excessive, with a dry fresh end taste
at the table excellent throughout a light meal or first courses in general. Goes well with delicate vegetarian dishes and fish in general
Serving temperature 8-10 °C. Keep in a dark, cool place °C.
Codici smaltimento bottiglia vetro GL71 vetro verde
capsula di alluminio C/ALU90
tappo plastica C/PVC90

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