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Manzoni Bianco IGT Trevenezie

Manzoni Bianco IGT Trevenezie

IGT Tre Venezie
the grapes, are hand picked around the end of September 2022 - 13% vol - A noble variety of vine created between 1930 and 1935 by Prof. Luigi Manzoni, head of the Conegliano School of Viticulture and Oenology and illustrious ampelographer, by crossing Riesling Renano with Pinot blanc. This, the most successful of the many cross breeds experimented by Manzoni, is distinguished by a numerical code, 6.0.13, indicating the exact position in the vineyard where it was produced: the thirteenth vine on the 6th row. The wine combines the structure and gentle nuances typical of great Riesling Renano, with the fruity elegant scent of Pinot blanc in a pleasant satisfying wine that ages very well. A typical wine with a lively fragrance – aromatic and velvety, it is an excellent aperitif and goes well with entrees, consommé, grilled fish and white meat.

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