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INDOMABILE Raboso -  magnum wooden box

INDOMABILE Raboso - magnum wooden box

Raboso del Veneto I.G.T. del veneto

Harvest 2018 - 13,5%

Raboso is a native grape of the Veneto, whose presence is documented in the Piave from 600, although its cultivation in thenortheast of Italy dates back to before the advent of Rome. In an ancient ampelographic Bulletin of 1885 we read that the ambassadors of the Most Serene Republic of Venice - which concluded its history in 1797 - in honor of England’s most famous characters with a few bottles of Raboso.

32,50 euro


- + euro

Variety100 % Raboso
Harvest the grapes were harvested last week of October
Processing the grapes were vinified in stainless steel containers and wood (Slavonian oakcasks). During alcoholic fermentation the wine was kept in contact with the skins for about a week.
Preservation and aging after fermentation the wine was aged in small French oak barrels for about 8 months.
color intense ruby red color.
fragrances intense varietal aromas and elegant nose with olfactory notes of red fruits (ripe cherry and cherry) and violet. Amalga is elegant bouquet to the olfactory also made by gentle sanding wood, reminiscent of vanilla and sweet almond.
flavour the palate is smooth and majestic. In the final blends with memories of spice and cocoa.
at the table with roasts, game and fur and feather, skewered meats, aged cheeses.
Proof 13%
Codici smaltimento bottiglia vetro GL71
capsula alluminio C/ALU 90
tappo di sughero FOR51

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