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Classic, 100 cl

Classic, 100 cl

A historic liqueur made to the original family manuscript of the original recipe using natural ingredients such as Raboso wine, “buongusto”, alcohol, cane sugar, Veneto grappa and natural aromas, all of which undergo a particularly long ageing period.
Time selects what is worthwhile and what is not, what merits a place in our memories and what will fade into oblivion. Elisir Gambrinus is a natural artisan product that evolves over time, changing its fragrance and sensations which diversify unexpectedly at times because the twenty two ingredients interact differently according to how long they mix.
The main ingredient of this liqueur is Raboso wine made from the ancient indigenous vine of the same name grown on land made fertile by the River Piave. The passing seasons exalt its flavours and fragrance and its vivacious colour deepens with ageing. It is a genuine natural evolution of this typical artisan speciality which represents the spirit of Raboso wine.

Vintage 2018

21,90 euro


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VarietyRaboso Piave
Production area San Polo di Piave (Treviso) Italy
Preservation and aging ages in 48, 53 or 71 hl Slavonia oak casks and a part in barriques.
Processing after at east four-five years of maturation.
color Intense ruby red tending to garnet, with purple flashes, clear, compact and consistent.
fragrances Full, pleasant, slightly sharp. On first impact fruity and ethereal with strains of Marasca cherries, wild blackberries, which quickly turn to must with a hint of straw and spiced vanilla.
flavour A sweet, well-balanced, and dry typically tannic flavour the full force of which is released immediately. The bouquet is reminiscent of violets
aftertaste Its full “heat” is accompanied by a soft, sweet fruity flavour which gives way gradually to a slight cherry backtaste.
Proof 27%