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Fior di grappa® (fine grappa)

Mignon 10 cl - 12 bottles pack

Mignon 10 cl - 12 bottles pack


Made from carefully selected marc-grapes obtained exclusively from high quality ancient rare Raboso Piave vines from the Gambrinus winery at San Polo di Piave.
Distillation is carried out following the traditional discontinuous process of double boiling, the only method which exalts the tastes and scents of Marasca cherries and wildberries, already in the grapes.
after tasting the deep persistent fragrance gives a great sensation of balance and harmony. Exceptionally good served at a temperature of about 4-5 °C.

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VarietyRaboso Piave
Production area San Polo di Piave (Treviso) Italy
Production method Traditional discontinuous process of double boiling
color White with golden flashes
fragrances Full bouquet, pleasant smell which recalls the Marasca cherry and wild blackberry
flavour Dry, typically hard and pleasantly sharp
Proof 27%