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About us

A family that embraces tradition and creative innovation

Adriano, Rosa, Gianmaria, Marianna, Pierchristian: these are our names.

Together with a group of people who have been working with us for years, our family has been involved in cuisine and hospitality for many years, exalting the values of culture, nature, creativity and art.

Adriano, son of Luigi and Marianna, owners of the already historic Gambrinus, took over management of the restaurant in 1958, at just twenty one years old, and made it one of the first of the 100 best restaurants in Italy.
He has a passion for nature and art and is the man behind the Gambrinus Giuseppe Mazzotti Prize for literature about the mountains, exploration, ecology and traditional arts and crafts.  He has many publications to his name and is the author of
 Le vin à travers la peinture, awarded a prize in Paris in 1985, Mille primi piatti and Specialità pesce, published by Fabbri Editore.
Awarded a Knighthood in in 1989, in recognition of services to the Italian Republic, he has taken his cuisine into the world, receiving numerous prizes and international acknowledgements.  He is still the chef patron of Parco Gambrinus.

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Rosa, Adriano’s wife, with her ready, generous smile, has always supervised management of the restaurant and Locanda 1847.

Gianmaria devotes his time and energy to running the Gambrinus shop and the Gambrinus Winery and Distillery, which produces the house’s ancient speciality Elisir Gambrinus, a liqueur made from Raboso Piave wine aged 5 years in oak casks, Piave Route wines and the delicious Peccatucci chocolates. 

Marianna runs the Osteria and Wine Shop, taking care of every detail, from the winter and summer colour schemes and staff outfits to menus matched with a wonderful choice of wines.

Pierchristian has been the Parco Gambrinus chef since 2007, after working for some time as a pastry cook. He merges a highly ethical vision with traditional cuisine and is respectfully observant of the needs of those who follow the new vegan and vegetarian trends and of those who suffer allergies and intolerance, enthusiastically seeking a sustainable and genuine approach. 

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