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The chef

Conscious of feeding the body, mind and spirit

My father Adriano Zanotto, Parco Gambrinus chef, was my first teacher. At a time when no-one talked about organic produce he bought and used only unrefined salt, top quality flour and locally grown vegetables and personally dotted the park with signs inviting people to love the grass as an enchanted form of life.  From his teaching, handed down to him by his father Luigi, owner of the already historic Gambrinus, I have learned a sense of responsibility and the intellectual honesty involved in offering recipes that immediately please my guests and are at the same time the result of a thorough knowledge of the principles of nutrition, consciousness of the value of associating different types of food and sustainability in their preparation.

For this reason I dedicate passion and attention to producing dishes in which minimalism mixes with creativeness, my artistic taste allies with design, and attention to the needs of those who follow the new vegan and vegetarian trends and of those who suffer allergies and intolerance, does not restrict the great pleasure of dining.

Pierchristian Zanotto


Biographical Notes:

Pierchristian Zanotto

    • 1996: Diploma from the Vittorio Veneto School of Hotel Management and Catering
    • 1996: Co-founder of the group of artists Le Cremerie (who produced art work and paintings for companies such as MTV Italia, Electrolux and Italian Municipalities, also exhibited in collectives).
    • 2000-2005: Working experience in Sweden, Austria, Indonesia, France, Ukraine and Germany
    • 2000: Pastry cook and bakery manager at Parco Gambrinus
    • 2003: Voted “Emerging Cook of the Year” by the Italian Academy of Cuisine
    • 2005: Working experience in the “Il Canto” Restaurant, Siena, chef Paolo Lopriore
    • 2006: Working experience in the "Le Calandre" Restaurant, Sarmeola di Rubano (Padua), chef Massimiliano Alajmo
    • 2007: Working experience in the "Joia" Restaurant, Milan, chef Pietro Leeman
    • 2007: Kitchen manager for Parco Gambrinus
    • 2008: Working experience in the "Demain de Chateauvieux" Restaurant, Geneva, chef Philippe Chevrier
    • 2009: Nominated one of the 10 emerging Italian chefs by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna in “Sognatori del gusto”.
    • 2010: Personal exhibition of dessert works of art "SugArFull", Conegliano (Treviso)
    • 2010: Città Impresa Prize as one of the “1000 Manufacturers of Ideas” of North East Italy
    • 2013: Launched the project Con+Testa (Use your Head More) and the first entirely vegan wedding banquet
    • 2013: Bravo Bio Prize at the Bologna SANA, for the best project exalting Italian organic produce